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Ultimate Security and Convenience

Every website, including several password management solutions, recognize you only by your passwords. They currently have no means to distinguish between an authentic user and a fraud. They allow access based on the principle that whoever is providing the correct password is an authentic user. This is causing a rapid rise in online identity theft, resulting in significant financial and social losses.

Unlike other password management solutions, AllWebID authenticates online user identities with 2-step verification to ensure that only authentic users can access their web accounts. Major banks use 2-step verification for secure transactions only on their own website, AllWebID provides that security for all your websites.

The end of strong password - only security
"Passwords vaults are likely to become more popular for managing multiple accounts and minimizing password re-use, but they will require strong multi-factor authentication"
Deloitte – TMT Predictions 2013
Deloitte – TMT Predictions 2013
"More than 12 million Americans were victims of identity fraud in 2012."
Jevelin Strategy & Research

Why AllWebID?

Finerprint Reader 2 Step Identity
AllWebID not only saves you the hassle of remembering passwords but also protects you from online identity theft, Your AllWebID password manager uses 2 step verification with either biometric authentication or cell phone based authentication to ensure that only YOU can access your secure data. Read More
AllWebID Security and Data
AllWebID takes every necessary security measure very seriously to make sure confidential information stays secure. Strong end to end encryption always keeps your data secure. Read More
Internet Access Without
You can access your AllWebID data from anywhere and on any windows based computer. You do not need to manually synchronize your data on multiple computers, it always stays synced. Read More
AllWebID Strong Password
Generate hack-proof passwords with a single click, and let AllWebID remember it for you forever. Read More

Awards and Reviews

TECH NEWS This service will revolutionize the way in which online users manage their passwords, and will add significant security for online identity management in various public and private segments such as Healthcare, Education, and Law Enforcement etc. See full article (Page 20)
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