Authenticate student identity for effective online education

AllWebID Identity Manager provides strong user authentication security for educational institutions when students and staff members access their online portals and learning platforms. The US Federal law requires that an authorized and valid student be authenticated to ensure that the receiver of the credits is the right individual.

Higher Education Opportunity Act HR 4137 (Part H) - Mandate for Distance Education


“The agency or association requires an institution that offers distance education or correspondence education to have processes through which the institution establishes that the student who registers in a distance education or correspondence education course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the program and receives the academic credit.”

Online education has gained a mainstream status over the last few years. In addition to traditional educational institutions offering online courses, new institutions have emerged offering massive open online courses for anyone on the web. As technology evolves to deliver online education and training, any organization granting degrees or managing training certification programs is required to ensure that only valid registered students are taking the online courses and exams. AllWebID Identity Manager becomes an integrated part of the security of your web based distance learning solutions. It enables you to not only meet the HEOA HR 4137 (Part H) regulations (in regards to user authentication) but also provides piece of mind to all the users that your institution is doing all it can to provide a fair crediting system.

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