Passwords cannot keep your business data safe

Most of today’s websites and web based applications recognize users only by their passwords. They currently have no means to distinguish between an authentic user and a fraud. They allow access based on the principle that whoever is providing the correct password is an authentic user. This is causing a rapid rise in online data breaches, resulting in significant financial and social losses for businesses.

Reduce risk of fraudulent access - Know who’s really using your web applications

AllWebID Identity Manager is an innovative solution that makes your digital lives simpler and more secure. It addresses the needs for different authentication situations (at work, at home or on the move), and facilitates the management of digital identities,

It verifies the identity of the person who is submitting the password before providing access to critical data. It offers quick and easy integration with existing access management infrastructure, including Active Directory, LDAP, and SQL without the need for additional infrastructure investment.




Multiple Choices for 2-Factor Authentication

AllWebID offers multiple options for user identity authentication. Whenever you use your password to log into web applications, your identity is verified either by matching a one-time use pin code texted to your cell phone or by matching your fingerprint template in real time.

You get the convenience of choosing any authentication method whenever you log in. Multiple authentication methods ensure that you will have the access whenever you need it.

Biometrics Security


Fast and Flexible Fingerprint

Fingerprint based authentication provides a higher level of security and ease of use for the users. AllWebID offers plug-and-play support for several fingerprint readers from various major manufacturers. Our fingerprint reader interoperability allows users to enroll on one device and authenticate on any other device in any location.

Our encrypted fingerprint templates eliminate the need for storing any fingerprint image, and provide you the highest level of security and convenience.

Cost Effective


2-factor authentication made affordable for every business

Two-factor authentication has been mostly implemented by larger size businesses that have the resources to support and afford it. AllWebID Identity Manager offers subscription based pricing (pay as you grow), and enables businesses of any size and complexity to easily implement 2-factor authentication in a cost effective manner. Customers only pay for what they need.

Easy to Integrate


Quick integration with existing login workflow

There is no need to worry about spending a couple of months setting up redundant high-availability architecture, buying hardware or integrating complicated software. Our Rest APIs and simple drop-in integration technology enable you to seamlessly integrate AllWebID Identity Manager into your existing web applications’ login workflow within a minutes.

Flexible User Provisioning


Centralized or
self enrollment

Your IT administrators can centrally provision large number of user accounts for 2-factor authentication using bulk user imports and Active Directory / LDAP synchronization. They can push-install the fingerprint management application on end user computers in a few easy steps.

AllWebID also allows users to self enroll for 2-factor authentication. Users can easily register and manage their cell phones and fingerprints from their web applications.



No new infrastructure

AllWebID is a cloud based service which eliminates the need for adding any additional server infrastructure at your premise. Our cloud architecture allows customers to add identity verification service to internal web applications as well as to external facing web application for business partners, suppliers, and customers. AllWebID is scalable to user populations of any size that can be located anywhere globally.

Add security to any enterprise web application in minutes



Leading Edge Data Encryption

AllWebID Identity Manager takes every necessary security measure to make sure confidential information stays secure. Strong end to end encryption always keeps your data secure. AllWebID uses state of the art Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit encryption keys for data storage, along with 256-bit SSL for data transmission.

Distributed Architecture


No Central Data Storage

AllWebID Identity Manager authentication is completely independent from users’ primary login credentials. AllWebID will never store your passwords. Usernames and password credentials are stored and managed on your servers, whereas AllWebID manages only the identity authentication credentials. Your data will always be protected even if a password gets compromised.



Virtually No Downtime

AllWebID Identity Manager is designed for security and high-availability. It is hosted in SSAE16 / SAS70 Type II, PCI, and HIPAA certified datacenter with 24/7 service and biometrics based physical security monitoring. These and several other industry best practices enable you to access and manage your AllWebID data with security and confidence any time of the day.

Meet Industry Security Standards

Businesses in several industries such as healthcare, banking etc. are required to meet regulatory guidelines (HIPAA, FFIEC etc.) for protecting private data. AllWebID Identity Manager enables your business to strengthen the security of your data by verifying the identity of the user with 2-factor authentication.

Regulatory Compliance